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The application is open from February 4th till February 25th (23:59, JST).

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Voicy is a new audio media service.
In addition to daily information such as news and weather forecasts, you can enjoy "voice blogs" of business professionals, musicians, influencers and so on.

We are broadcasting over 200 channels with various contents which take advantage of the warmth and uniqueness of voices. 

In 2018, the number of Voicy users has increased 30 times for just a year.
Recently Voicy has become popular than ever, and it has been taken up in various media.

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※From our Twitter feed

This is a great program! I can learn English, and I love her voice so much.

I've been hooked ever since I started listening to her channel.
Her voice is very cheerful, and makes me laugh all the time.
Positive people’s voice is great lol

My new habit is to listen to this English channel in the morning while I put my makeup on.
I heard she is a narrator. Her English and Japanese are both very natural and easy to listen to.
I admire those women who can talk in a sophisticated manner.

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Host one of the five English channels through our audition!

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Application guideline

【Dates and deadlines】
February 4, 2019 (Mon) to February 25 (Mon) 23:59

【The number of applicants to be accepted】
5 people
※All ages welcome.

【Terms and conditions】
-The applicant must own an iPhone or iPad.
-The applicant must be able to speak business or higher level of English. (Any nationality are welcomed to apply)
-The applicant does not have to be able to talk in Japanese. (Our app is available only in Japanese)
※Our recording app is not available for Androids at this moment. Thank you for understanding.

※This is an activity with no compensation. However, there is a possibility of leading to other work in the future.

【Who we are looking for】
-those who would like to create new English content for learning or entertainment
-those who can deliver new contents on a regular basis (once a week or more)
-those who want to deliver their own voice in English, Japanese, or both to the public
-those who want to expand the presence by using English skills

【Activity period】
No regulation at this moment.
(Depending on the frequency of uploads or other reasons, there is a chance your channel will be discontinued.)

【Application criteria】
The new personality will be selected based on the voice content and what is written on the application form.
Those who do not submit audio data won't be eligible for selection.

How to record audio to apply
Application form

【Reviewing process】
Recruitment period: February 4, 2019 (Mon) - February 25 (Mon) 23:59
Review period:February 26, 2019(Tue) -
Notify the successful candidate:March 1, 2019(Fri) -
First meeting:March 4, 2019(Mon)~March 8, 2019(Fri)
Start broadcasting:March 9, 2019(Sat)

※The result will be shared only to successful applicants.
※Entries via emails are not accepted. Please apply from our entry form.
※We cannot answer inquiries about acceptance or rejection by any means.
※Information received through our application form and recorded audio will not be used for any other purposes.
※Regarding the successful applicants, we may ask to be in our public relations.
※The activity will be without compensation, but there is a possibility of leading to other work.

―Personal Information Policy―

【Purposes of use of personal information】
1. To review and contact candidates, and to recruit.
2. For marketing and recruitment.

【Provision of personal data to third party】
We do not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of the individual except the following;
When providing entry information to a company that is hosting and managing this recruitment
When there is a request from the court, police department or other agencies with national authorities.

Host one of the five English channels through our audition!

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